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The undersigned represents that the above information is true and correct as of the date hereof. This application is submitted to Ferrer Brokers, Inc. for the purpose of obtaining credit. Upon acceptance of this application the undersigned agrees to the following terms and to pay any interest and cost of collection as set forth:


Terms of payment: invoices are due upon presentation, and payment shall be considered late (past due) if not received within 10 days of billing date.

Interest On Late Payments: Interest is due at 18% annually from the date of the related transaction.

Cost of collection: in the event any invoice is past due, the company shall pay all costs including, but not limited to, fees paid to collection agencies and reasonable attorney’s fees whether suit is commenced or not. Attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing any judgment are recoverable as a separate item, and at his post judgment attorney’s fees provision is intended to be severable from the other provisions of the contract and to survive judgment and is not to be deemed merged into the judgement.

Returned Check Charge: A charge of $20.00 dlls will be made for any check returned by the bank, regardless of the reason for return due to the nature of our business at times Ferrer Brokers advances funds on behalf of company, the following officers/shareholders/owners personally guarantee the payment of any obligation of the company to Ferrer Brokers, Inc.:

ICC regulations require inland freight charges to be paid within seven (7) days and ocean freight charges to be paid within forty-eight(48) hours. Therefore immediate payment is required by date specified by your terms.


Except for custom entries and duties, we are independent contractors. The submission of incomplete or inaccurate information related to an import entry including but not limited to, descriptions, quantities, weights, purchase prices, discounts, commissions, country of origin, etc. Make you liable to severe government penalties or sanctions


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TITLE: _____________________________________


NAME: ________________________________________

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TITLE: ______________________________________


A finance charge of 1 ˝% monthly but in no event greater than the amount authorized by law, shall be charged on all past due accounts.


In the event it becomes necessary for any party hereto file a lawsuit, jurisdiction shall be with the San Diego county municipal or superior court, El Cajon branch. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.


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I (we) personally guarantee payment to Ferrer Brokers, Inc.

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