We expedite imports and exports, facilitate customs clearance and organize coordination of shipments.
Trade between the United States and Mexico is a particular expertise, with consulting services in all aspects of NAFTA and maquiladoras including origin verification and certificates of origin.

Ferrer Brokers

Has a fleet of bonded trucks and a variety of warehousing facilities including in-bond cargo.
We also organize shipments worldwide through our relationships with other customs brokers and freight-forwarders.

• We will review your merchandise prior to entry, determining the correct classification and advising on product marking requirements.
• We undertake the entire Customs clearance process, preparing documents, paying duties and coordinating shipments.
• Sometimes a "Post-Entry Follow up" is required, and we will assist in fulfilling Customs requests for information, filing protests against a Customs decision or petitioning for relief of Customs Penalties.

• We offer direct electronic filing with the Department of Commerce and procurement of Export Licenses.
• We coordinate shipments, negotiate favorable air/ocean freight rates and arrange Marine Insurance underwriting.

• Ferrer Brokers is a bonded carrier.
• We prepare all necessary documents, and achieve rapid clearance and cancellation of documents in the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

• We have a secure in bond area, and the ability to palletize, shrink wrap and repackage goods.
• We offer prompt notification of shipment status storage and distribution and shipment inspection.

• Ferrer Brokers has an extensive network of transportation companies for your every need.
• We also have agreements with trucking companies for shipments throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada, and can arrange Freight Insurance underwriting.

• We offer consulting to our customers on Customs issues such as tariff classification and product marking.
• In addition, we provide in-house training at a customer's location if required.

E-mail: info@ferrerbrokers.com